College Relocation: Campus vs. Off-Campus Living

College Relocation – Some students cannot wait to experience dorm life while others are 100 percent sure that they want to get an apartment or rent a large house with friends.

Of course, if you are reading this then you might be on the fence. Many students have a hard time trying to decide between the two, so if you are looking for moving advice for both options, but feeling even more confused you are not alone. Of course, where you decide to live will dictate how you need to pack and what you need to bring.

Dorm Living

Most college dorms are quite small, so you will need to be thoughtful when packing and creative while organizing. Always check with the Housing Department on campus to find out if there are restrictions regarding space heaters, televisions, stereos, etc. You will also be required to be familiar with and obey all rules regarding smoking, drinking, noise, pets, and guests.

Not all dorm rooms are the same, but most come furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, and chair. You might have a private closet or you may have to share with your roommate.

If you know your roommate then you can decide who will bring a coffeemaker, mini-fridge, plates, mirrors, fan, etc. Things you do not want to bring include candles, incense, toasters, hot plates, and microwaves.

Anything that draws a lot of energy will not be welcomed. Also, extension cords are typically not permitted, but surge protectors are fine.

Off-Campus Living

If you are moving a considerable distance away from school, you will want to ask someone from the university to recommend safe, student-friendly areas.

Keep in mind that the further you are from campus the cheaper prices typically are. However, this also means a longer commute and either driving or using public transportation.

If you are nearby you can walk or ride a bike. If you look on your school’s website, you will likely find a section dedicated to off-campus housing.

If you already have roommates then you are set. Otherwise, you will need to find one or a few. Check the boards at school for listings.

A furnished place will be more expensive, but then you will not have to buy so much. Plus, you will not have such a large move there and when you leave.

Keep in mind that if you go home for the summer you will need to move all your furniture with you or into storage until you need it again in the fall unless your landlord lets you sublet your place for a few months.

When you live off-campus you have fewer rules. As long as you do not violate your lease, you could bring along your cat, and you certainly will be able to have a microwave, heater, etc., because you will be paying the electricity bill.

You might think you will have a lot more privacy, but if you have roommates, it is highly unlikely that you will have any privacy at all. This will be something you’ll just need to get used to.

The best moving advice to keep in mind is to try to arrive earlier than most other students. This will give you a few extra days to explore the area and relax.

Plus, you will get a better price on movers, if you don’t wait until the week of school when moving companies are completely booked.